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Dr. Andreas Trautner

Andreas Trautner is a hands-on craftsman in change initiative management. Passionate in sharing his expertise, he gives talks and conducts training courses in project, programme, portfolio, change management and strategy execution.


He advises C-suite executives on how best to implement projects and programmes within their organizations to achieve astounding results.

He helps people and organizations starting and managing change initiatives to be successful investment in change.

He is a published author and has written the book The SIX© which elaborates a practical model to successfully execute change initiatives to make them sound investment and to execute the organization's strategy.

Together with his collaborator, Chris Kolborg, the two have worked on different types of change initiatives across a multitude of areas.

His holistic approach to change initiatives has seen dramatically positive outcomes for his clients including seamless business continuity, increased profitability, happier employees, and more satisfied customers.

With his mission to help people and organizations become better at running change initiatives, Andreas is currently in the process of writing his next book on the topic.


When he is not working, he thoroughly enjoys kitesurfing, hiking in the mountains and fly-fishing.

Andreas has been a sergeant in the Danish Army, a commercial fisherman on the Faroese Islands, worked in the deep forests in Norway, head of Site Planing at Roskilde Festival, a lorry-driver, a forklift-operator, a software programmer, a database manager and an advisor for sugar beet farmers.

He has written a gold-medal awarded doctoral thesis.


Chris Kolborg

I grew up in Aarhus where I went to school and college and graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1996. I studied in Germany as an exchange student and have taken a Master Degree from Birmingham University, UK, in 1997.

During my studies, I worked as a paperboy, a supermarket service employee, a van driver, a factory cleaner and a machine operator.


Walking, running or cycling in nature makes me happy and gives me energy. When time allows, I play the guitar.


​I have 22 years’ experience working with product development and project management. As an engineer, I have taken several products from sketch to mass-production and as a project manager I have led large-scale global projects from start to end. The projects have involved electrical care beds, mobile phones, plastic and metal components, electronics, IT, sensors, pumps, HR systems, wind turbines and software amongst others.

​From 2004 I lived in China for 7 years where I worked as a product development manager.

​I work as a freelance project management consultant, hereunder:

Managing projects that need a skilled and focused Project Manager

  • Making turn-around on struggling projects

  • Helping organizations becoming better at managing their projects

  • Facilitating a controlled start-up of projects setting them up for success

  • Supporting strategy execution through the implementation of portfolio management

Andreas and I are writing our next book in The SIX series: The strong Business Case